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The Rebellious Ward Only a girl as captivating as Catriona MacIan could have overcome the scandal of her birth to shine as the most sought after lady of the London seasonOnly a girl as daring as Catriona would have played with the fiery attentions of suitors as different as the eminently eligible handsome and proper Lord Wareham and the notoriously worldly and wicked Maruis of HamptonOnly a girl as stubborn as Catriona would have persisted in adoring the one man she could not have the brilliant and iron willed Duke of Burford the guardian who saw her every fault and was blind to all else

About the Author: Joan Wolf

Joan Wolf is a USA TODAY bestselling American writer whose acclaimed Regency romances have earned her national recognition as a master of the genre Her many historical and contemporary romances some of which have been chosen as Literary Guild selections have been highly praised by reviewers and authors alikeJoan was born in 1951 and she grew up in the Bronx New York A former English teacher

10 thoughts on “The Rebellious Ward

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    The reader is hammered on the head with the proposition that heroine is a speshul snowflake that every man woman child and a couple of suirrels think is incomparable witty wonderful kind honest perfect sexyloyal etc though she is also a wee bit too rambunctious headstrong and hyper to really be the perfect Regency Mary Sue In truth I found her to be a sniveling annoying coward who actively deceived a poor reformed rake into believing she loved him made him give up all his mistresses to devote himself to her and propose marriage then went ahead and cheated on him with the dull guardian she has been in love with all her life Seriously? H and h were villains and I hope in some other dimensional world the alleged rake gets his HEA with a woman who is worthy of him

  2. Lyuda Lyuda says:

    After some clunkers I read lately and being on the verge of a reading slump I took the only remedy I know re reading some of the authors I lovedliked in the past Readingre reading Joan Wolf’s earlier traditional regencies is such a cure for me Her character driven stories don’t rely on inner monologues and there is tell than show but somehow it works beautifully in bringing undercurrent tension and emotional buildupThis guardian ward story is no exception It was fun to watch awakening of love slow realization of changed dynamic of the characters’ relationship It would be actually a 5 star read if not for the other man I never thought I would say this but I was actually sadden that the OM who I would consider a hero in his own rights was left to be disappointed I’m off now to search if the author made him a hero in one of her other stories I want to see his HEA as well Update No there is no OM story and since I kept thinking how shabby his treatment was at the end I'm lowering my rating from 4 to 3 stars now

  3. Tina Tina says:

    I love how Joan Wolf does intense connection between her heroheroine I've said this about this author before but she packs a lot of story in a relatively short word count The romantic connection just jumps off the pge

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I should give this one star for the terrible prologue It made me nervous and didn't fit the book at all Eh I'll spoiler cut the reasons but it's probably safe to read view spoilerSo the prologue involved the heroine who is married with kids discovering she's not illegitimate after all And reflects that it doesn't matter now but it would've made ALL THE DIFFERENCE back then So that leaves me thinking wait did she marry the wrong guy then? What kind of romance is this??? And then I read the book and her illegitimacy didn't matter much at all??? Sure lip service was paid to it but that's NOT why she and the hero had trouble getting their acts together OR DID THEY? Dun dun dun ominous prologue music hide spoiler

  5. Hilary Hilary says:

    Contains spoilersCatriona has always known her own heartHer guardian knows his but denies his desire as it is totally inappropriateCatriona meets a handsome rake immensely wealthy desirable attractive youngShe agrees to marry the rake who has fallen deeply in love with herThen her guardian confesses his loveCatriona ditches the rakePoor rake

  6. Mina Mina says:

    This story is surprisingly vivid for its lack of length It was an engaging and satisfying read except that it ends without dealing with the supposed main issue between the couple we're told they marry without anyone mentioning her possible illegitimacy as a roadblock once they've declared their love I'll admit the opening drove me nuts and I went looking for spoilers before I could continue Found this intriguing review also felt crushed for the rake fiance left alone at the end Did he get a book? I guess since this is Joan Wolf writing in 1984 probably not

  7. Spazfungus Spazfungus says:

    The problem with not realizing this was the second book of a series is not understanding the significance of when a past character is introduced so I felt characters were placed in the plot for no real reason thus dimming my enjoyment of the book overall it was a simple read the book was written simply the characters acted a little simply I think the author was going for suppressed emotions but they just came out a little wooden It was a little weird that the heroine was so young when the hero falls for her also it was annoying that they obviously loved one another and the family support was a little too good to be true view spoiler since Catriona was THOUGHT to be a bastard though it turns out her parents were married but their papers were hidden by the greedy uncle hide spoiler

  8. Lily Rose Lily Rose says:

    You know a book is really good when you read it than once and every time you feel all those strong emotions you did the first time This happens to me here Edmund and Catriona only declare their love and kiss just at the end of the book before the epilogue but to me this doesn't take anything away from the story Facts speak aloud here and every scene is full of undercurrent love emotion desperation This is an example of what I love to read and a reason of why I cherish deeply some Joan Wolf's books

  9. Vampire-lk Vampire-lk says:

    Amazing Short and sweet regency novel Reminisce of Georgette Heyer Highly recommend escapism

  10. Moon Love Moon Love says:

    The girl on the cover looks like no seventeen year old I've ever seen but the book was very good

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