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Mission Out of Control Brody Wick Wickham is a former Green Beret turned security agent—with a 100 percent mission success rate No way is his new assignment changing that Even if it's protecting a diva American rock star while she's on tour in Europe Except Veronica Vonya Wagner isn't just a beautiful celebrity used to having her way—she's the daughter of a US Senator And she's hiding a dangerous secret When Wick discovers what's at stake how far over the line will he go to keep them both alive

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  1. Renee Renee says:

    As a romantic suspense enthusiast from way back when I jumped at the chance to check out Susan May Warren’s Love Inspired Suspense Series Missions of Mercy Susan’s a prolific author but I’ve only read one of her books So I was eager to see what she would bring to the table for the romantic suspense genre Here are the pros and cons of what her LI series has to offer First the pros Exotic locations check Heart stopping suspense check Plucky resourceful heroines check Tough heroes with big hearts check Just the right amount of romance and humor as befits the danger check Perfect length for me to finish while proctoring exams check Strong inspirational themes check For a bonus these guys are ex military Two checksNow the cons As far as I could discover she’s only published three in this series Which definitely left me wanting My favorite aspect of the Missions of Mercy Series is that the books are written from a Christian worldview Kudos to Susan May Warren for making faith an integral part of her characters’ lives And the spiritual issues they wrestle with are not superficial They matter in the real world The way I see it when the man with the gun facing down a relentless physical enemy can also operate in the spiritual realm–now that’s a great storyThe second book Mission Out of Control features Brody “Wick” Wickham a former Green Beret turned security agent Wick’s mission is to protect the beautiful rock star Vonya whose edgy performances shock his sensibilities In spite of the animosity that springs up between them Wick feels compelled to discover the real woman beneath the tawdry costumes—because Vonya has as many personas as she does names Veronica is the proper senator’s daughter Ronie is the humanitarian with a heart for children And Ronyika is the vulnerable woman whose trust Wick seeks to winAt the beginning of this story I wasn’t sure I liked RonieVeronicaVonya So her character really brought home to me the theme that God’s acceptance is not based on the estimation of others but on how He sees us No matter how wayward we are His cherished children

  2. Nora St Laurent Nora St Laurent says:

    I enjoyed so many of Susan May Warrens books in the past I was excited to receive a review copy of this book The main character Ronnie AKA Vonya reminded me a little of the TV show Hannah Montana where no one knows Miely Cyrus and Hannah Montana are one and the same Ronnie does her best to keep her two lives separate until someone tries to kill her Now her dad has hired a body guard to protect her on this singing tour I enjoyed this book and the authors note to the reader “When doing a book signing or a women’s event I have a way about myself that might not be the same gal you’d see on the other side of the computer hidden away in my office We all live “double lives” based on what we want people to see and the things we’re trying to prove to ourselves I took that premise and applied it wildly to Ronnie AKA Vonya and Brody who also wants to be seen as capable and not broken” I was pleasantly surprised Susan May Warren packed so much action adventure fun laughter into such a small book I loved the message interwoven throughout the pages of this novel This book has it all I highly recommend this book It would make a great summer readDisclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” Nora StLaurentThe Book Club Network wwwbookfunorg The Book Club Network blog wwwpsalm516blogspotcom Book Fun Magazine wwwbookfunmagazinecom

  3. Cathy Cathy says:

    The writing isn't that bad and the plot moves along which is why this book gets two rather than one star but the premise a uptight conservative woman doubling as a wild rock singer? I'm not buying it

  4. TheModestMillennial TheModestMillennial says:

    While this book lacked the wow factor for me it was so well composed with dynamic and captivating characters that will pull you into their shattered world haunted regrets and all Through the struggles they face and the danger around every corner we finally find that our lack of control the perfect opportunity to rely on our ultimate protector When Vonya and Brody finally find themselves in the hands of our Savior they can at last escape their pasts and plunge into the adventure ahead of them Their story will definitely draw you in and I simply couldn't get enough of Vonya's brilliantly written character or Boy Scout Brody The biblical truths that Susan unravels in this book pierced me right through connecting me with the characters and with a truth that enriches the way I look at how God works

  5. Gophergirl58 Gophergirl58 says:

    25 or 3 rating I think that my having read so many books like this young woman is in trouble meets strong man they fall in love that my ability to rate it has already been skewed I do not know who the author was or maybe there have been multiple knew but I have read so many that they are all so formulaic and now I'm tired of this particular genre Anyway nothing was unexpected just a different spin on the story which I cannot say that I really enjoyed the whole VonyaRonyaRonieVeronica singer story Just remind me to stay away from this type of book

  6. Erin Erin says:

    Who are you really? Who are you? The real you Who are you when no one is watching? Great read about finding yourself and doing what God has in store for you I really enjoyed getting to know Veronica and all her different names She’s not bipolar but she definitely has multiple facets to learn of and enjoy And Brody isn’t bad either as he works through his own grief and struggles while protecting his new charge

  7. Margaret Russell Margaret Russell says:

    Real People—Wild StoryI really loved getting to know these characters So much Christian fiction has namby pamby sugary characters whose only flaws are superficial The main characters in this story came alive Some of the secondary characters needed to be fleshed out a little but this was a good read with a worthwhile message Don’t worry though the message wasn’t over done or pushed too hard Great job

  8. Judine Brey Judine Brey says:

    I like the fact that Warren allowed Brody and Vonya's relationship to develop over the course of several weeks on tour Brody accepting Ronie as she is was also critical

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Title MISSION OUT OF CONTROLAuthor Susan May WarrenPublisher Love Inspired SuspenseMarch 2011ISBN 978 0 373 44432 8Genre Inspirationalromantic suspenseVeronica “Vonya Wagner is a beautiful celebrity used to having her way—and the spoiled daughter of a US Senator Against her father’s wishes she’s going overseas on tour to countries that have threatened her father’s life and the lives of those important to him Veronica insists she’ll be safe but like it our not her father hired a bodyguard to go with her Brody “Wick” Wickham is a former Green Beret turned security guard He thinks Vonya is foolish and a diva and he isn’t far from wrong But he isn’t familiar with her third persona Ronie a caring person who goes out of her way to donate every penny of her earnings to causes she’s passionate for With a young boy that Ronie cares for in danger Ronie vows to lose Brody She’s hiding a dangerous secret but when Wick discovers what’s at stake how far will he go to keep them both alive?MISSION OUT OF CONTROL is the second book in Ms Warren’s Missions of Mercy series I must say that neither Vonya nor Veronica is someone that I can relate to But her third persona Ronie tugged at my heart strings and made me sit up and take notice Brody from the beginning was a wonderful hero strong considerate and willing to do the right thing despite his initial opinions shared by me of the heroine Readers will be caught up in the deep point of view story swept into the action and sitting at the edge of their seats as they thumb through the pages of this book Don’t pick this book up to read it unless you have the time to finish it because the tension and suspense doesn’t let up Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 550 225 pages

  10. Shelley Shelley says:

    Enjoyed the book very much Would highly recommend it for anyone who likes a funnyromantic suspense novel with a slight Christian viewpoint This is second in a series of three of Stryker International books by Susan May Warren I liked this one a little better than the first as it wasn't as preachy though it still did bring in the Christian aspect in where it didn't uite seem to fit though in this story it fit better and didn't seem uite so crammed down your throat as the last book I don't mind a Christian aspect where it fits nicely in the story but when it seems forced and added in just to be put in there it is a turn off and detracts from the story That is my only complaint to the book I've read other steeple hill books that have nicely interwoven the Christian aspect without it seeming forced The story was otherwise excellent The feelings between Ronie and Brody were uite intense Their characters both had uite a few problems deep down that with each other they healed The secondary characters were great also I love the humor in these stories These alpha men are great but they are still very real people with real feelings and deep emotional scars Brody had scars just like Chet did in the first book that his years serving as a green beret for his country caused I love how the author brings this aspect into her booksas there are so many veterans who serve our country who return changed but it never gets acknowledged I know this is fiction but it's still a way to spread awareness same as with the issues that Vonya champions I look forward to reading the third book in the series Undercover Pursuit I wish there was maybe there is and I just overlooked them but they are a funny suspense romantic adventure that's sure to please

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