Crown Prince Pregnant Bride Lost Princes of Ambria #3

Crown Prince Pregnant Bride Lost Princes of Ambria #3 Monte DeAngelis has returned to Ambria to claim his throneand the one woman who is forbidden to himNow promised against her will to Monte's enemy innocent Pellea has never forgotten her time in Monte's arms And unbenownst to her family she's pregnant with his babyMonte has always believed that love has no place in his world but Pellea's courage and passion are irresistible Could it be that this once coldhearted prince has found his true destiny as a husband and father

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  1. Desi Desi says:

    Leído en Septiembre 2013Argumento ¿Destinado a ser esposo y padre?Monte DeAngelis había regresado a Ambria con el fin de reclamar su trono y a la única mujer ue le estaba vedadaComprometida en contra de su voluntad a casarse con el enemigo de Monte la inocente Pellea no había olvidado los momentos pasados en brazos de Monte del ue además ¡estaba embarazadaMonte siempre había pensado ue el amor no tenía cabida en su mundo pero el valor y la pasión de Pellea le resultaban irresistibles Estaba abocado a auella mujer

  2. Kellison Kellison says:

    This book is terrible It is terribly written the storyline is ridiculous the characters are mechanicalit's just bad I had to force myself to finish it with a lot of skipping because a lot happens that I don't need to know and don't care about There's a ball where Pellea and Leonardo are supposed to announce their engagement that is to shore up support and security for both of them but oops Leonardo gets drunk and forgets? And then he's sort of like meh let's just indefinitely delay getting married—super conveniently for you Pellea who wants to maybe marry the guy who knocked you up Monte Oh and Pellea's villain dad who helped overthrow and murder Monte's parents the king and ueen is actually a super nice dude just misunderstood or something And Pellea is the Mary Sue to beat all Mary Sue'sand I despise her She has to marry Leonardo because she is pregnant and her culture seriously frowns on unwed motherhood But then here comes Monte again wanting her to leave with him and instead of telling him they're having a baby she tries to hide itkind of she does pretty obviously leave a pregnancy book lying on her bedside and still plans to marry Leonardo But then magically They aren't getting married and her father whom I feel I must reiterate helped overthrow and murder Monte's parents is all oh Monte good kid Let's go to Italy and hook you kids up And somehow though it has never been mentioned before Pellea knows where Monte is staying Want an actual uote? But there's a balloon of wonderfulness in my chest and it keeps getting bigger and bigger Gag me And then after all this nonsense and justfillerthe story ends abruptly Justsave yourself the time and frustration and don't read this one

  3. Asteropê Asteropê says:

    Like the first book of this series Secret Prince Instant Daddy this book felt lacking I can't totally put my finger on it but the plot seems too overarching and is never totally dealt with The ending like the first one seems to fall uickly and is wrapped up without total satisfaction I've read other mini series and often they make mention of other characters from previous books in them Olivia Gates' Pride Of Zohayd series for example but not this one I think a little continuity would help helped flesh the plot out They're too isolated the plots whereas opening them up a bit would help I hope the rest of the books in this series let us know if Monte ever does regain his throne and becomes ruler of Ambria But if all they are are snapshots with no real resolution in regard to the end goal I'm not sure if I'll read the rest

  4. Chris Meads Chris Meads says:

    This is the third book in the Lost Princes of AmbriaMonte DeAngelis has returned to Ambria he is the oldest of the 5 missing princes and when the kingdom is returned to him and his brothers he will be the KingHe loves Pellea who is now betrothed to his enemy Leonardo who is in line to reign over Ambria Pellea doesn't have a choice in the matter she needs to marry before anyone finds out she is pregnant Will Monte make her realize that he loves her or will Pellea actually go through the marriage to terrible Leonardo?This story is a bit exciting and intense then the first two It is a uick and easy read and will take you into the story as you read it

  5. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Lost Princes of Ambria

  6. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries The Lost Princes of Ambria

  7. Jennifer Susan Antony Jennifer Susan Antony says:

    I expected

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