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Her Last Night of Innocence World famous racing driver Cristiano Maresca always spent the night before a race in the arms of a beautiful womanThree years ago that woman was Kate Edwards and her time with Cristiano awakened her to unimaginable pleasure But the following day the untamable Cristiano had a near fatal crash Then Kate discovered she was expecting his babyNow Monte Carlo is set to celebrate Cristiano’s return to the track Shivering with nerves Kate braves the paparazzi to find the man who set her body aflame and tell him her scandalous secret

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Her Last Night of Innocence
  • India Grey
  • English
  • 08 January 2016
  • 9780263878684

About the Author: India Grey

India Grey was born in England UK A self confessed romance junkie she was just thirteen years old when she first sent away for the Mills & Boon Writers' Guidelines She can still recall the thrill of getting the large brown envelope with its distinctive logo through the letterbox and subseuently whiled away many a dull school day staring out the window and dreaming of the perfect hero She ke

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  1. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    May contain some spoilersI didn’t want this book to end I have always loved India Grey’s books but “Her Last Night of Innocence” is by far my favorite one I loved reading about Cristiano Maresco a famous gorgeous rich racing car driver and Kate Edwards a shy virgin who doesn’t believe that she is beautiful and is unable to understand how a man like him could ever even look her wayTheir story is filled with pain sorrow love and the joy of finding each other’s true soul mates after so many obstacles that faced their livesKate is sent to Monte Carlo by her boss to interview him and catches the attention of the playboy who is uite happy to seduce her even if it’s just a one night stand which is what usually happens in his life with the women he meets in his circleAfter spending a wonderful night of passion where they discover so much about each other Cristiano leaves her with the words “wait for me” But Cristiano is badly injured in the crash during the race which results in him suffering not only physically but memory loss and not remembering the night he had spent with herKate was kept away from him by his group of handlers so decided to return home to England where a few weeks later discovers she is pregnant with his child After writing various letters to him and trying other means of contacting him and not receiving any joy decides to continue with her life and her new baby boyFour years later she is sent by her boss to meet Cristiano in Monte Carlo and is saddened and angry when he doesn’t recognize or remember her She had agreed to meeting him again as she wanted closure by let him know he had a son and to assure herself she no longer loved himCristiano can’t understand why she feels so familiar to him and why the emotional connection pull with her and just as she’s about to leave he asks her to go with him to a friend’s chalet in Switzerland He also begins having flashbacks and is certain that she could be someone who would help get his memory back But before things can be resolved she is called back home as her son has fallen ill She leaves without telling him about their son because he had admit to her he never wanted to get marry or have children She leaves with a broken heart knowing she will never see Cristiano the only man she has ever loved again But Cristiano finds a letter in a bag she left behind and finally discovers the secret He has a sonTheir time together is so emotional and so intense – so many obstacles in their way before they are able to be together His memory loss his love for car racing and her fear of ither father and brother had both died in car crashes She wants him to give up his profession before she agrees to be with him He is unable to understand why she demands this of him Eventually Kate realizes she is being unfair to him and if she wants his love totally she will have to do something about her fears And wowwhat a way to goloved what she did to overcome this obstacle and finally realize that they and their child were meant to be a familyThe author’s characters are so real and engagingthere’s to the alpha male hero Cristiano – he’s someone looking desperately for love to find a woman he can talk and laugh with instead of meaningless sex Kate who in the beginning thought might be one of those shy virgins who is trodden on by men is surprisingly a very capable caring strong woman who is not afraid to face her obstacles and demonsFabulous settingsMonte Carlo and the world of the rich and famous jetsetter lifestyle of international motor racingbillionaires beautiful homes and hotelsThough this is year another story about a shy virgin gorgeous millionaire and a secret baby it had so so much It was a fresh and innovative take on this much used plot A fantastic fabulous incredible story ending a happy live for Cristiano Kate and their son Alexander A truly real and spectacular HEAThis book is on my “Most Loved Books” section of my bookcaseAnd I definite REREAD

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Interesting twist on the secret baby story Race car driver loses his memory of his one night stand with the virgin heroine after his car crashes the next day Heroine tried to contact him several times but his PA didn't pass on her letters The Hh meet again after four years when the hero is poised to return to racing The heroine goes to Monaco in one last attempt to tell the H about his sonThe hero kinda sorta recognizes her and then realizes she holds the key to his memory loss They go to his neurologist's alpine cottage and proceed to pick up where they left off Their interlude is broken when the heroine has to rush back to England because her son is in the hospital with meningitis Hero finds the letter she wrote him informing him of his son and then flies to England to confront herThis is where the story lost a star for me The heroine turns into a worry wart nervous nellie and makes all kinds of excuses to keep the H away from his son because he is a race car driver and might die someday sigh I'm so over this tropeThe heroine's change of heart and the hero's change of heart about racing were very abrupt The evil PA didn't get her comeuppance An epilogue would have been nice since I don't know what a man of his energy and combination of talents is going to do with himself all day if he isn't racing A diminished hero isn't an HEA I can get behind

  3. Booklover Booklover says:

    Excellent spectacular reada sorrowful roller coaster love story both Cristiano Kate have their own fears and they need to overcome those fears come together love together n be happy togetherKate Edwards couldn't believe she had spent the most amazing night with the famous Christiano Marseca They had not just shared passion they talked about their pasts something this Italian playboy never did and it was special for both of them However thinking about her while racing his car ended in a crash and he suffered a memory loss When Kate returned home to England she found out she was pregnant and wrote to him several times sending letters to his villa in Monte Carlo but never heard back from him However as fate would have it four years later Christiano had somewhat recovered and had returned to race for his mentor and friend Kate's company one of the sponsors which had originally sent her years earlier were sending her again Her boss and friend agreed she needed closure needed to tell Christiano he had a son and that he and his wife would babysit her little boyThere was something familiar about her Christiano could sense it but he couldn't put his finger on it He could also sense she was nervous being at the party and he followed her He experienced some flashbacks due to his retrograde amnesia and remembered she had interviewed him the evening before the race Could she be the key to him remembering those hours before the crash? Because he was sure he had slept with her even though she was so different from the women he usually bedded So he ran after her and that's when the intensity began in the storyline Kate couldn't believe he was in her hotel room as she was packing to return home to England Christiano didn't remember her so she would leave the envelope for him with the message to contact her solicitor and that he had a son or would she? Christiano made an abrupt decision as he was going to take up his physician on using her chalet in Switzerland he was going to take Kate with him and get down to the bottom of things He was sure she was the key to his memory loss What he didn't count on was her fear of driving fast Kate had lost both her father and brother to fatal car accidentsBittersweet is how I would describe their time together making love sharing laughing loving During their time at the chalet pivotal things happened Kate realized she never stopped loving him she learned he never wanted to marry nor have children and then the most horrible thing happened her son became extremely ill and she need to get home to England fast Her heart was broken in tatters because she knew she would never see her lover again She also realized that because he told her he never wanted children he had released her from the burden of telling him about Alexanderlow and behold Christiano found her evening bag with the letter that told him he had a sonwho is seriusly illMeningitisthe emotions are brought out so wellChristiano was determined to have his son with or without Kate and poor Kate's emotions because she loved them both so very much All I can say is that that this author gave Christiano Alexander and Kate the most amazing happy ending It took getting over her fear of fast cars and it took Christiano getting his memory back and realizing what Kate had meant to him back in Monte Carlo and now in the presenti have only one complaint Suki who was Cristiano's PA kept lying to him abt wht happened and she was jealous of Kate and she never allowed kate to meet Cristiano when she was few months pregnant and also hided the letters Kate wrote but when later Cristiano comes to know of itnothing is done no one confronts her not even she is fired ya demoted i really wanted to see her pay for her deedsDefinetely a keeperRecommend it

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    This started off well but I couldn't buy into Cristiano and Kate’s relationship It moved a little slowly at times The descriptions and internal monologues seem to just drag on and on This is my 2nd book to read by this author and I have noticed that she has nice ideas plot wise but the end result is flat and monotonous The lame sex scenes and the bad epilogue didn't help either

  5. RLA RLA says:

    45 stars The heroine Kate hears that racing driver Cristiano the hero is about to return after a long recuperation following a very bad crash a few years back and she knows that now is the time to tell him that their glorious night together resulted in their son However when she finally gets the courage to approach him Cristiano doesn't know who she is so she decides not to bother Cristiano has no memory of Kate but senses something between them so desperate to regain parts of his lost memory he goes to her and asks her to spend some time away with him When they are together Kate is reminded of just how close they became in that one night they had together and tries to help Cristiano remember but she can't uite work up the nerve to tell him about their son However when she has to leave after an emergency back home Cristiano finds out the truth uite by accident Following her back to England Cristiano wants to get to know his son as well as work out if the passion between Kate and he can give them a future togetherWow this is a gorgeous book I loved it There really is something special about India Grey that makes her books so wonderful They dazzle And dazzle this book doesMy heart broke at times for the hero and heroine they so desperately wanted to be together but so many things conspired against them The passion and emotion in their relationship is intense and written with such heart I literally couldn't put this book down it has everything; sorrow joy passion anger etc And it is brilliantI can't recommend it and India Grey's other books enoughOriginally posted at

  6. Ana Ana says:

    Kate couldn't believe that happened to her She was supposed to interview the famous car racer but they connected They talked about themselves something Christiano rarely did and one thing led to another and they finished in bed It would've been a happy ending if Christiano didn't have a car crash on the track next morning that resulted in memory loss So when Kate couldn't get to him she went home heartbroken and pregnantKate has had some tragedies in her life Both her father and her brother died in a car crash To say that she has a phobia about cars is an understatement Of course Christiano races cars for living and it scares her to death She doesn't deal with her fear the best way but it's understandableChristiano races so that he could prove himself to everyone his mother but mostly to himself That one night that he can't remember haunts him But when he sees Kate something in him recognizes her That was a good momentA good story even though I usually hate the secret baby plot Both Kate Christiano are real characters with flaws and I like their relationship with Alexander their son But I had some issues with the ending it was a big turnaround for Christiano And yes what happened to Yuki Christiano's assistant she was the reason he didn't know about his son and she was never mentioned after the reunion? Some closure would've been nice Rating4 stars

  7. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    35 stars My first time to read an HP by India Grey Very enjoyable but with a few loose ends and in need of an epilogue I wanted to know if there were any conseuences for the PA who seemingly kept the knowledge of his son from him His sudden abandonment of his career for his family felt rushed Will definitely read from this new to me author

  8. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    A fabulous read filled with all the most delicious tropes;AmnesiaSecret ChildReunitedMeningitis why is this always part of the secret babychild trope?Lots of fear and hurtThe H isn’t a doucheThe h is lovelyAn adorable childThe only thing missing was the perfect pet It was a light easy fun read that I enjoyed very much

  9. Missy Missy says:

    A wonderful readA highly wonderful storyline that keeps getting better the you reada nice adventureWhile conducting an interview both Kate and Cristiano experience undeniable attraction and a connection leading them to an unforgettable night of passion He reuests her to wait for him after the race because he can't bare to partunaware that someone else watching and jealous Kate worst nightmare occurshe crashes An upset Kate tries to see him but can't get inand finally gives up and goes home hoping he will contact her Finding out she is pregnant she does her best to contact him againstill no results Years pass and people keep telling her that the father should be paying something for his child She finally gets up the nerve to contact him again in person but receives a shock insteadA nice love storyabout forgotten love Really who could trust if you lose your memories???? Kind of a scary uestion Who could you trust with all your thoughts emotions and memorieswho would tell you the truth even if it hurts? Good idea to keep a diary but then that could fall into the wrong hands too No easy answer

  10. Ladyacct Ladyacct says:

    I've only read a couple of books by this author but haven't had a 'bad' story yet Will always grab for this author's books just to check outIt's always good to at least expect a good short from someone for the 5 you will be spending

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