A Sort of Rigor Mortis ePUB É of Rigor eBook ´

A Sort of Rigor Mortis I think to enjoy this book properly you have to have some context for it which is it's not a continuation of the Stockholm Syndrome series but it's a tongue in cheek picture book that was made as a really excellent Halloween gift for friendsThat said the story is another example of Richard Rider's fantastic writing ability fantastic even when it's a love beyond the grave picture book If you love Stockholm Syndrome and you have a good sense of humour then I fully recommend this book for a deadly sweet love story and scarily cute pictures Sweet in a strange way A sweet picture book about a love that will never die even after the body doesNote if you find homosexual necrophilia porn offensive click away nowAlternate Universe nothing whatsoever to do with the main Stockholm Syndrome trilogy just written to a prompt as a Halloween joke for some zombie obsessed friends on Livejournal Like fanfic of my own story PAlso available in paperback

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