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Backwards This was a disappointing read for me in comparison to the other Red Dwarf books The core of the book is based across three well known episodes episodes that happen to be three of my favourites They are joint together in an interesting way but for me it just heavily diluted three sterling episodes into something only so so Although this book was published after Last Human I think of it as the third novel in the series because it follows so closely from Better Than Life Also it seems fairly clear to me that Rob Grant brought most of the talent to the Grant Naylor gestaltThis novel introduces some completely new ideas as well as tying together several episodes from the TV series view spoilerIt was good to see Ace Rimmer and the novel had the advantage that it could show us where their lives diverged without the characters figuring it out As Ace said he wouldn't want to spend that much time with his counterpart However it's a bit tricky to reconcile the infinite alternate universes idea here with the six separate universes that meet inside a black hole theory from the previous book Also how will the future echoes work out if they've abandoned the original version of Red DwarfUnlike the previous two books this doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger but there is scope for a follow up novel Since it ended with Lister and the Cat being young while Rimmer and Kryten don't age a new book now 16 years later would put us back where we started ie all the characters in their 30s hide spoiler This is the third adventure of the unlikely space heroes of the cult TV hit Red Dwarf – Lister Rimmer Kryten Holly and the Cat – as they continue their epic journey through frontal lobe knotting realities We join them just as Dave Lister has finally found his way back to planet Earth – which is good What’s bad however is that time isn’t running in uite the right direction And if he doesn’t get off the planet soon he’s going to have to go through puberty again – backwards If his crewmates can’t help him Lister will carry on growing younger until he becomes a baby then an embryo meeting a very sticky end indeed DNF Loved the first two Red Dwarf books but couldn't get into this at all I really loved the concept of writing a world that existed backwards The writing was very clever and extremely fun I felt that the story flagged a little when they escaped but the inclusion of Ace was interesting and the epilogue really helped flesh the character out Made me think of the little decisions I've made over the years to get me to where I am now and wonder which ones I could or should have avoided to be a better personThe story was kind of dull around the whole killbot scenario I lost track of who was trying to kill whom and then Red Dwarf is just forgotten about and everyone's dead Set up a seuel nicely though seeing that this is book four of fourprobably not in the cards I'm going to read book three now I started it but it didn't follow book two very well in the beginning and I saw a review saying book four did and then on to the TV show I'm sorry to say that this one did not have an audio version read by Chris Barrie so I stuck with the written edition Maybe it was the lack of Chris or maybe that Grant does need Naylor to balance him but I wasn't as happy with this outingI don't think I minded that there were less laughs and some of the humour was darker What I did mind was that living backwards just couldn't sustain the concept for an entire book I still laughed and enjoyed it but just not near as much as the first two I also missed the Cat He seemed to be MIA for a good portion of the book If you thought the episode was good let me assure you the novel is right there with it More backstory and all the character panache from Rob Grant As far as sci fi comedy goes this is gold Don't miss the other Red Dwarf novels as well Huge shame that they had to split Though still a good read 'Backwards' just doesn't have the same finesse in its narrative and characters that the first two Red Dwarf books did It is very interesting to see after reading this and then the subseuent novel 'The Last Human' just how different Grant and Naylor's writing styles are It makes it all the impressive that they managed to co write two books in which you could not spot any differences in writing style or lack of cohesion in the plot Reunion guys Just a small oneReread Jan 2020 I am am huge fan of Red Dwarf one of the best sci fi series ever made and backwards is one of my favourite episodes I was really pleased when Rob Grant decided to make this episode into a book Reading the book was like reliving the episode but it was an extended version everything from the episode is there and there was new stuff One of my favourite Red Dwarf scenes was The Cat doing a backwards poo If you've never watched Red Dwarf it doesn't matter read this book anyway as it is really funny This is Rob Grant's unadorned vision for Red Dwarf as opposed to his collaborative view with Doug Naylor Backwards follows Lister's journey to a planet going back in time another encounter with Ace Rimmer and a tangle with some simulants all of which have been covered in some way by the TV showGrant's description of Red Dwarf is a little darker than that found in the TV show with rounded characters The Cat barely gets a look in as Lister and Kryten dominate the book the book's fun but it's different to the TV show and if you've seen the TV show then having the same scenarios played out in a different manner Gunmen of the Apocalypse Backwards and also a nod to Dimension Jump may sit uneasily with you Trying to compare this with the TV show is like comparing the TV show and the book of HHGTG It's difficult to get across the differences in text and you should really experience both